The Path of Mastery & Self Realization

Experience shifts that lead to remarkable changes

Infinite Love, Infinite Abundance, Infinite Wisdom; it is all within you.

It is our Divine right and only we are able to giving it all to ourselves.



The footprints you leave today may serve as guidance to future generations someday. Where are your footprints leading to? Embracing HIGHER levels of AWARENESS reveals your path of Mastery and Self-Realization effortlessly.




One on One Life Coaching




Absolute Source of Integral Awareness

The Four Pillars


    This is the expression stage that allows you to identify how you feel about the way you’re experiencing life right now.


    Establish short and long term attainable goals. Your process requires commitment and a new believe system (believes have the power to create).


    This means to put the pieces together and to understand the purpose of everything. Here’s where we organize our plan.


    This means to transcend all your limiting believes and become your process. Understanding the process of your current experience and taking action into expressing a new reality.


StarSeed Meaning

StarSeeds are said to be beings from a different star system seeded in a human body.

Who are the StarSeeds on planet Earth?

Throughout all of history, since the time of Atlantis, there have always lived the “Ways Showers” to have come down to the planet and incarnated in bodies that kept the vigil Light burning for humanity.

StarSeeds are said to be great souls that have chosen to come to Earth to open energy vortexes which could be accessed for future events. Every continent on the planet has been blessed by these Masters, and every Master has been dedicated to the teachings and the way of true Enlightenment.

These numerous souls have continued their own journey toward the Light. Many of them have chosen to come to Earth again at this time of transition, to repeat the same curriculum of the ancients. They are here so that Mother Earth will be helped with the birthing process into the new day and age.

StarSeeds are embodied in a sea of negativity that chose them and makes it very difficult sometimes for them to see through this illusion. This is specially true of those souls who are in isolation on the planet. The isolation makes it really difficult to remember who and what they are.

StarSeeds truly are in service to God and to the Light.

Success Stories

Each one of the people who participate in a session have a unique experience.
However, they are all taken to their next level of Soul evolution.

I know Marco and Miguel for quite a long time. They were the cathalist for my first activation that made me bloom into my fullest spiritual abilities.
Last night I had an Akashic Records session w/ them that blew my mind! They possess an unique energy power and capacity to bring the highest levels of energy from the most elevated realms and infuse you w/ the most incredible transformational blessings. It’s not only guidance and awareness …. they radiate a pure unconditional love in what they do , that can transform and operate miracles in you.
I can’t thank you both enough. May God bless your beautiful Light and allow you to continue this amazing work w/ everyone who needs it.

Tania Dimov
Tania DimovMassage Therapist

My Akashic journey experience with Marco Antonio Peralta and Miguel Angel Peralta was a profound one. Coming into the session I was anxious, and like I was dragging around this huge weight. No matter what I tried, nothing was easing this feeling of being held back, nor the anxiety. It didn’t matter what I did, the issues would not resolve. When I found out they were doing the Akashic journey sessions, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m incredibly thankful I did. They are very professional, made me feel comfortable, and did a great job of explaining everything. I was at ease quickly, which allowed me to open up to the experience. It’s hard to find words to describe what happened during the session. It was like was on earth, but had taken off on astral travel. It was beautiful. After the session they gave me additional messages that came through for me. I also no longer felt the weight or anxiety I had been carrying around, and felt higher vibrations within. The one word that keeps coming back to me is “transmute”. I most definitely went through a transformation, and felt a higher knowledge about myself and about the universe within. 5 starts all the way!

Sarah Welsh
Sarah Welsh

Marco and Miguel are true living angels. They are So pure and such humble beautiful souls. Their work is very transformational and the way they hold the space with so much love and integrity and it really allows one to feel safe to go deep and release in such a beautiful way to receive the new energies to come in. The work they do and the connections they hold with their gifts are so important for humanities Awakening. I highly recommend their services to everyone. They have been such a blessing to my life and my mother’s life.

Shaundra Hyre
Shaundra HyreHyre Consciousness

Thank you StarSeeds Twins for my energy healing session.
I had a wonderful experience, found myself more relaxed and feeling fresh after my session, also felt an extreme sense of calmness right away. You can clearly feel the energy moves from one place of your body into another leaving behind a sense of relaxation.
Marco works with angels and energy while Miguel works with codes.
Life changing experience!! I felt so in peace
I am so grateful that I met such amazing souls. Thank you Marco and Miguel
I am truly blessed

Tamila Bilalova
Tamila BilalovaActress

So immensely grateful for tonight’s healing session with Marco Antonio Peralta and Miguel Angel Peralta There are no words to describe the immensity of the healing they did….a lifetime of deep pain released. Never felt more connected with Mother Earth and The Universe ((( Deepest gratitude and love )))

Mégane Claire
Mégane ClaireCertified Reiki Master

When you feel ready to be embraced fully for who you are, be sure to reach out to The StarSeed Twins… Their love is like no other.. you gain clear connection with our Creator Source.. their heart is PURE HAPPINESS & BLISS !!

Kat Von Greye
Kat Von GreyeInner Alchemist | Metaphysical Shaman

What a blessing to connect with these lovely souls. So grateful to the StarSeed twins Miguel Angel and  Marco Antonio Peralta for carrying the sacred codes and allowing them to flow….. I love you sacred Soul family!

Evie Michelle
Evie MichelleGalactic Yogi

I feel beautiful and successful again with zero attachment to the outcome. Again, just so thankful to be part of what you two do! You are wonderful and blessed.

Elena Borodina
Elena Borodina

Reflections of Universal Wisdom

by the StarSeed Twins

As you consciously accept your path of ascension, There are two things you need to know:

It is all within you & There is no wrong way to do it

Akashic Records – Universal Wisdom

We are all channels at every moment – when you connect with love, you channel love. Articles of Awareness


Aligning to Our Life Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself: What is my Life Purpose? Ever since we are born, we already are "on purpose". We might not know it consciously, but the fact that we were born is proof that we are here to fulfill that purpose.

Higher Self and The Human Experience

What is the one quality we know about energy? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply exists. When energy moves it doesn't do it in a linear direction, it actually spins and expands in circular motion. 

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