The StarSeed twins, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel Peralta are true pioneers of the Ascension process, leaders of the new age higher consciousness movement. They are Teachers of Universal Law, Leading and teaching by example, By living and embodying Universal Truth and applying this wisdom to everyday life, in practical ways.

Their profound Connection to Source and the higher dimensional realms is unquestionable, it is palpable in the atmosphere when you are in their presence, it is a visceral experience. Their energy signature alone acts as a catalyst to awakening and to higher consciousness, even before they get to work with you one-on-one or in a group setting.

Pure and clear Channels for the highest loving guidance, which they download directly from Spirit, and is sure to reconnect you with your own inner truth and readjust your trajectory in life, bringing you into alignment with your greater purpose.

They are naturally gifted and their energy work is powerful and precise. Their heightened intuitive senses coupled with their ability to drop into complete surrender makes them work with divine precision, like surgical master healers, as if the divine itself was wearing their hands as surgical gloves and their bodies as a suit, for that is indeed what they are: Instruments of the Divine.

Working with them leads to accessing your own deepest and truest source of power, mastery and healing. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with them, do not take the opportunity for granted.

Brian Aguirre – Galactic Shaman