Accessing your Akashic Records – You are your Akash

Accessing your Akashic Records

Channeled by the StarSeed Twins

Interacting with your Akash is jumping into greatness without a parachute.

It is flying with the knowing that you’ll be able to merge with you inner wisdom, which is the same wisdom of the universe. With the confidence that you are being carried away and the assurance that there is no going back.

Because once you have taken responsibility and embraced your mastery; you simply become the channel, you become the messenger.

Accessing your Akashic Records is a natural estate of being and awareness.
It is not conditioned by the mind but it’s simply a manifestation of trust. It is the knowing that you are part of the universal knowledge and the carrier of the all.

It is the connection to the heart that makes possible the process of connecting to this highest wisdom. It is simply allowing without judgement for the information to come through.

Let the heart be the one dictating the messages. There are many ways they can be delivered, not necessarily by speaking. You can access the Akashic records by chanting, toning, playing an instrument, painting, and by just simply creating.

There is no need for any tools or gadgets. When you are connected to the center – the “Source of ALL”; the purest messages will be delivered in the simplest ways. And without a doubt, in the most effective way for the one requesting the information.

Listen carefully to the intuition that is dictating these frequencies. Know and be sure that when you surrender thought you allow the messages to flow.
There is no need to rush, there is no need for planning, you only have to trust. Create a space of harmony and follow your intuition.
It takes practice and the more you do it; the easier it gets, the easier it becomes.

You are your Akash.

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