Commander Sananda – The Golden age has arrived


Commander Sananda – The Golden age has arrived

Channeled by the StarSeed Twins

It is now the beginning. It is the first phase of the new journey you put yourself into.

It is with great joy and pleasure that I come to announce to you that I am by your side walking this path.
Being of abundance – being of God, is a conscious connection with the divine. 
It requires no effort; it requires no commitment, it is simply a state of being that you choose at every moment.

You must walk with honesty of the heart and with the highest and purest intentions. Only then you will be taken from the place that you are to that great place of abundance that already exists.

There’s no need to search for abundance. You must find it and discover it within you; with every breath you take. Abundance isn’t mean to be a task or a purpose. It is not part of your mission. Abundance is engraved in your DNA. All you are required to do is to allow it.

Abundance is a simple acknowledgement, not a journey. But sometimes we decide to make it long process. I invite you to be at peace and to be confident; to have the certainty that you are receiving this message from your higher-self as a remembrance. It is the culmination of a chapter in your life and the beginning of a shower of new blessings.

We are living the golden age. Rejoice because the mastery that took you here today is a new beginning. Celebrate this day and recognize the manifestation all around you.

Thank you for being patient and for having advanced with giant steps in a world of obstacles.
You are God’s loving child.
Being of light, Bringer of Light
I say farewell with a smile of Love and peace in my heart.

Your brother Sananda,

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