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Merkaba Healing Grid Activation – Lord Metatron

Merkaba Healing Grid Activation

I am Lord Metatron and it is through this Merkaba Healing Grid activation that I will manifest. It is through this Merkaba that my essence, the essence of father mother God, and the Christ Consciousness is being brought to you.

The time has come and the healing power of God is now accessible to humanity through this grid so we can assist you reach your highest potential while on planet Earth.

I, Lord Metatron will personally come down and remove all fear, all fear from your heart; all fear from your light. And all fear from your life.

I will remove all doubt, and all the obstacles that have been keeping you from reaching your highest potential. I will remove all the obstacles that have kept you from being able to walk your path; the path of ascension. I will personally remove all blocks and implants that have been installed within your brain, within your mind and within your heart and release them in the name of the father, in the name of the son and the Holy Spirit. I will personally be the orchestrator and the director of this activation that has just become available to humanity. The journey stops right now and begins once again for you.

This activation being done will directly affect your DNA and your entire energy field will be expanded. Your frequency will be elevated to the heavens; as it is from the heavens that this grid has been created. This healing grid will balance your feminine and your masculine energies. It will balance the right side and left side of your brain so they can both finally work together; because it is in the balance that we find perfection. It is in the balance that both heaven and Earth meet; and it is in the balance that you find the perfection of nature; so allow this energy grid healing to be the foundation of your life purpose.

Each one of your chakras will be align through this Merkaba Healing Grid Activation. Each one of your chakras will be activated and each one of your chakras will receive the emancipation all at once; and there will be no need to calibrate each one individually.

Through this healing work it is possible to work all your chakras at once as it is a network of energy. The energy will flow from the root chakra all the way to your crown chakra; and will from there connect with all of your other chakras known to you and the ones that you are not aware of. So be prepared to receive a network of light within your system and within your energy field that will affect not only your personal life but the life of others around you.

This is a network of light; this is a network of expansion and a network that will reach those who are open to receive.

  • I am the waves of abundance
  • I am the balance of the universe
  • I am the connection between heaven and Earth
  • I am the connection between the female and male energy within you
  • I am the ray of light I am Lord Metatron

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