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There was a time during humanity’s dark times where we were invited to simply “let go and let God” do his Divine work for us. And that was a true consciousness not too long ago.

As we enter the golden era of Aquarius and as we start to individually and collectively raise our consciousness, we are now required to take responsibility for creating our own realities.

We are called more than ever to participate and share responsibility with the Divine to manifest the blessings we want to see in our lives through the power of action.

We are always supported in our creation process as long as the creation is aligned with our highest purpose. So let’s push in as many doors as we can, and lets patiently allow synchronicity to take place in Divine timing.

Sat Nam 

Miguel Angel Peralta

Meditation is a practice of Self Love. It’s the most real moment where you will experience your true essence and where you’ll learn unconditional Love toward yourself.

Miguel Peralta

Relationships are our ability to “relate” to the other person we are connecting with and find the communality between us. Relationships are about finding ourselves in the other person without judgement and treat them with the same Love and respect we would would like to be treated with.

We are One.

Miguel PeraltaUniversal Wisdom

The thing about Creation is to be sure that whatever you are creating is always for your highest good AND the highest good of All, in the name of Creation itself.

Miguel PeraltaMessage by: The Arcturian Council

When you support the Light you are supporting Love, which is All That Is. The invitation is to create from that Truth.

Miguel PeraltaUniversal Wisdom

Love means including someone in your life as family. Love is inclusive, not exclusive.

We are One

Miguel PeraltaUniversal Wisdom

Evolution means that you understand “the service” behind a situation, but also that you can respond differently to a similar situation when presented again.

We are here to evolve through love and compassion, not to judge.

Miguel Peralta

May all you think, say and do always be connected to your Heart. Once the Heart connection is made, no matter what you say or do, it will always be in the name of Love.

Miguel Peralta
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