StarSeed Twin’s Quotes

As you consciously accept your path of ascension, There are two things you need to know:

“It is all within you & There is no wrong way to do it

Marco Peralta

Message by The Alpha Centurians

It is when you feel you no longer need anything
that you realize you’ve always had it all.
It is in the void that everything exists.
It is in solitude that you fall in love with yourself.
Because everything is contained in nothingness.

Marco PeraltaThe Hathors

Once you have taken responsibility and embraced your mastery; you simply become the channel, you become the messenger.

Marco PeraltaAkashic Records

Sacred Geometry is a language, a form of communication that can not be misunderstood or misinterpreted.
It is a divine expression of love and the purest form of communication amongst souls.

Marco PeraltaMessage by Athena "A beautiful soul that is not human at the moment"

Dear divine ones, you posses everything you have been searching for. Infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite wisdom; it all belongs to you. It is all your divine right and only you are capable of giving it all to yourself.

Marco PeraltaMessage by Master Jesus

The Merkaba & the Akashic Records are not tools to be used separate from each other but rather as one.
When you use both there is a leverage. You maximize your experience & allow for expansion.

Marco PeraltaHigher-Self

When you are able to consciously recognize the divinity within you; you’re able to consciously make a connection with Spirit, allowing for the divine union to consciously happen.

Marco PeraltaMessage by Guardian Angel

When you add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+11+22+33= 111. No matter the number, we are all ONE!

Marco PeraltaHigher-Self

To be of service is an honor – it is within you and there’s no wrong way to do it.

Marco PeraltaHigher-Self

We are Light experiencing the densest dimension and the broadest range of emotions only to learn compassion.

Marco PeraltaHigher - Self

You’re not responsible for anyone’s happiness or suffering. You’re only responsible for your own experience.

Marco PeraltaThe Arcturians

The decisions we make at any time are expressions of our free will and perfect for our level of development.

Marco PeraltaHigher-Self

No matter how big it is. Whatever you’re searching for it already exists within you.
And when you find it, you’ll see it manifested.

Marco PeraltaThe Hathors

StarSeed Twin’s Quotes – Abundance

Being of abundance – being of God, is a conscious connection with the divine. 
It requires no effort; it requires no commitment, it is simply a state of being that you choose at every moment.

Marco PeraltaMessage by Commander Sananda

Abundance is engraved in your DNA. All you are required to do is to consciously accept it.

Marco PeraltaMessage by Commander Sananda
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