The Akashic Records are a perfect system of information that holds and stores the wisdom of existence itself.


For years, many people who have ever talked or written about the Akashic Records, describe them as a “Library” of records that exist somewhere in the Etheric realm waiting for us to access them. This concept of the records being in a library is completely misleading the people trying to learn about the Akashic Records and its true essence.

I believe that during the time when we collectively accepted this concept, it was because we needed our mind (that loves to conceptualize everything) to “kind of understand” what the Akashic Records “are” and how they are classified.

Today, we have also collectively evolved and our consciousness is higher than ever and ready to understand a better concept of what the Akashic Records are, where they exist, and how we can access them to our benefit.


The Akashic Records are a perfect system of information that holds the wisdom of the universe and tells the history of existence itself. This universal wisdom called the “Akash” by the Ascendent Masters and their guardians, resides within us and it is at our service to be accessed anytime and under any circumstances.

In the beginning, I will share with you how to develop your own system to access them. We are not restricted to the way we retrieve the information desired and I promise you, there’s no wrong way to do it.

I would like to compare accessing the Akashic Records to the way we access information in Google. When we want to retrieve certain information about “any topic”, we go online and simply type the keywords attached to the subject we are looking for. When we access the Akashic Records is no different. We have to be clear about the information we are looking for and state in our mind, or out loud, the words (which carry a specific frequency) in the form of a question that we want to retrieve.


Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no wrong way to access your Akashic Records. The way I start my little ritual is by asking permission the the guardians of Akasha and I clearly state my intention by saying out loud: “Dear Lords of Akasha, I lovingly ask to access and interact with my Akashic Records.”

You can repeat this phrase 3 times if you feel you need the reassurance, but eventually you will not even need to ask for permission. The permission is only for the mind to recognize and justify a process to start retrieving the information. Once you practice many times and you start being comfortable with getting the information right away, you’ll probably skip the permission and go into trusting your clear intention and getting the info just like that.

After you know in your Heart the access has been granted, go ahead and state in your mind (or out loud) the question you are looking an answer for. Be specific by asking things like:

  • What do I need to work on in order to advance to my next level of evolution?
  • How do I tap into my creativity?

Once again, there’s no wrong way to ask a question but be sure that you are clear on it.


Yes, absolutely. You can access:

  • The Universe’s Akashic Records
  • Planet Earth’s Akashic Records
  • Your own records
  • And someone’s Akashic Records

It is important to understand that the reason why we have access to all this Divine wisdom is because nothing exists outside of us. Whether you would like to retrieve info from Andromeda, another Galaxy, an Angel or an Archangel, or even an Ascended Master is because we are All “One”. We are all pure energy, Chi, Prana, Life Force, of the same Divine Source. We are a frequency that is a unique signature that, by simply connecting to that essence with a clear and a pure intention, the information will be granted as a Divine right.


There’s too much to say about the Akashic records. I believe is very important to know that this very moment is being recorded and kept for eternity in the Akashic Records. Every single event, every single moment, every situation is in our Akash. Life itself is a huge database of moments that exist, have always existed, and will always exist simultaneously and for eternity.


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