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The Arcturians – Unconditional Love and Merkaba Activation

The Arcturians – Unconditional Love and Merkaba Activation

Channeled by the StarSeed Twins

We are the Arcturian council of light and tonight we will deliver a message about unconditional love.

We come through the light to bring forward this message and make it accessible by using your Merkaba.

Your Merkaba is the portal that can access the entire wisdom of the universe and can send all the information available to you. It is through your Merkaba that the frequency of unconditional love is being introduced and delivered to humanity by many angelical beings and by many celestial extraterrestrial races.

We use the Merkaba to give you glimpses of this vibration called unconditional love; as it is the only vehicle with the capacity to provide such vibration. With commitment and dedication you can open your Merkaba and access the highest frequencies.

Through meditation, visualize your etheric body seating inside your Merkaba. You will be able to travel through the universe of possibilities; through the cosmos; through the stars and through the portals that open so you can access this vibration. We feel honored to be able to assist all Earthlings from Terra with your process of ascension.

We feel pleased to see each one of you elevate your souls so you can receive the benefits of experiencing fifth dimensional frequencies such as Unconditional Love. We have now reached a point of evolution that allow us to assist you and many other races throughout the universe ascend and reach your spiritual goals. It is important for you to activate an open your Merkaba so these transmissions can be directed to you with ease and we can support you from our home planet.

High frequencies like unconditional love can only travel throughout the universe by using these type of multidimensional vehicles like your Merkaba. We invite you to open your hearts to receive this Merkaba activation that we are presenting to you.

This activation and transmission are accessible to you just by visualizing yourself inside your own Merkaba and say “YES, I AM Ready to Receive”. That is what Unconditional love is; being open to receive all the gifts from the universe that are waiting for you. To allow them into your life with an open heart; without judgement; without doubt; and with the knowing that they are for you; they have always been and they will always be accessible. We bring these presents forward to you as we don’t wish to keep them to ourselves.

Unconditional Love is a universal gift and it is meant to be shared to humanity and all beings throughout the universe that are open to receive it as well. We Thank you for having allowed us to spread this message of love. For having accepting this activation with an open heart; as it is with an open Heart that we bring it to you.

The same way you are receiving this high frequencies of unconditional love, we invite you to share it and spread it with the same feeling of abundance. Your Arcturian brothers from the celestial council of the seventh dimension.

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