You posses everything you have been searching for

It all belongs to you – Master Jesus

Channeled by the StarSeed Twins

I am Master Jesus. I am alive within you; it is in your Heart that I reside and no where else.

I am with you when you listen, I am with you when you surrender, and I am with you when there is noise in your mind. I am with you when you are distracted and don’t hear me or feel me, even then I am there. In fact, I never go anywhere, I am a universal source that can be accessed and it’s available to you at all time.

I came to Earth to teach you through example, through being and becoming.
I was never meant to be part of an ideology, a particular culture or religion.
My purpose is to exist, to be alive, to be present and to be the light that shines your path.
I am meant to be the path. I am meant to be your companionship, and I am meant to be your strength.

My purpose is for you to remember that we are not separate, but that we are ONE.
There are infinite ways to get to me, to feel me. You are free to choose in which way I am present in your life.

When you fall in love with yourself, with what you do, and who you are; we exist together. And together we are fulfilling the promise of returning back to the father, to the mother and to all that is.

When you find yourself smiling for no reason. When you find yourself in contemplation of the beauty around you and being grateful for existing; then, there comes the realization of having arrived.

Today I’m speaking about a truth you need to find within yourself.
Today I am speaking about the unconditional love that is available to you, and that sometimes we deny ourselves by not feeling worthy of it.
We deny ourselves from receiving the infinite abundance that resides within us, by believing that this infinite source can be found outside of you.

Dear divine ones, you posses everything you have been searching for. Infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite wisdom; it all belongs to you. It’s all your divine right and only you are capable of giving it all to yourself. But you are also able to deny it.

So I ask you to just consider the possibility of gifting you an eternal present of blessings.

It is a personal choice. You have the power to choose it for your own well being and your highest purpose. Once you are able to feed from this source you start emanating love.

And the people around you start to get the same benefits just by being around you, because there is enough for everyone but it starts with you; It all starts within. That’s where everything starts and it never ends.

I AM pleased to have been of service to you.

I AM alive and will forever live in your heart.

I AM your brother Jesus

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