The power that comes from understanding Universal Laws and their application to the world is awesome.

    Transformation is changing our beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. The process of transformation culminates in Self-Mastery and these can only be achieve in knowing and learning the Laws of the Universe.


The Law of Divine Oneness helps us understand that we live in a world where everything is connected to everything else. Everything we say, do, think, and believe affects others and the universe around us.

The Divine concept of Oneness is the Universal Mind. It is the realization that ALL IS MIND and the Universe exists within this field of pure energy and Light. All is Consciousness – the planets, the suns, the animals, the plants, the minerals, and all beings of multidimensional forms who grace the creator’s kingdom. Nothing escapes this principle, for all is composed of the same substance at the subatomic level.

Once an individual resonates to the frequency of Divine Oneness, this in turn, enables the mind to use this connection for creation and manifestation. The key to accessing this “Power” lies in the person’s ability to remain calm, balanced, and at peace during All situations.


The Law of Vibration is known by the ancients to be the Law of power.

Everything in the Universe is in motion, whether solid, liquid or gas. All things move, vibrate and travel in circular patterns. Each thing that exists is identified by its own unique vibrational frequency. Frequency is defined as the number of vibrations or waves per unit of time.

Simply put, HIGHER VIBRATIONS CONSUME AND TRANSFORM LOWER VIBRATIONS. Thus, the concept “Love conquers All” reveals one of the greatest mysteries of creation. The more Light one assimilates into the body, mind and Spirit, the fastest the acceleration, enabling one to control life and manifest the perfect reality all around.



The Law of Action means that an individual must engage in activities that support thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. A commitment must be made first, however, for this step supports the basic principal of the Law of Action. The commitment then is turned into a plan, and the plan then is supported by passion. Lastly, tasks need to be completed, because the action on the physical plane forms the bonds that connect all aspects of the energies working toward manifestation.

Thoughts, emotions, words and actions are the keys to God-realization. But God-realization also means: Rising the Light within, living a life connected to the Higher Self, putting into action that which you want from within, and applying discipline and will power are the factors that set up the God Force to work through you. Become One with this Force and the will of God will become One with you.


This Law, often refers to as the principle of “As above, so below; as below so above”. It is the basis of understanding the inter dimensional operations of the Universe. In examining the Law of Correspondence, it is important to understand three planes of existence. They are the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

The term “Correspondence” (corresponding) implies that all “things” existing within these planes of existence, whether seen or unseen exist in harmony or agreement within the All. There’s only Oneness, and this idea is critical to absorb. Just as individuals cannot step out of this Oneness, neither can any of the other elements found on these planes.

What is significant about the Law of Correspondence is that ALL LAWS EXIST WITHIN THIS CORRESPONDENCE; THEREFORE, ALL IS CONTAINED WITHIN IT.


The Law of Cause and Effect is the expression of Divine order in the Universe. The Law states that nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. We may not always be able to identify the many, often complex, chain of events that produce specific effects, but this is the result of our incomplete knowledge.

Events experienced are always the result of past actions, present behaviors or experiences provided from Higher planes of existence to teach us how to master our intellectual and emotional behaviors.

Cause and Effect does not deal with things so much as it deals with events. Every thought that we think, every act that we perform( individually or collectively) has its direct and indirect impact on the event which are part of the chain of cause and effect.


The Law of Compensation is the Law which helps us to understand abundance and how we can deal with financial matters. The Law of Compensation is the Law of Cause and Effect as applied to blessings that are bestowed on us. The Law of Compensation deals with the material and spiritual gains we receive in life.

If we wish to master this Law and receive abundance, we must break the poverty Consciousness which comes from our conditioning in this lifetime and from the programming of past lives.

People are successful in life because they do more for others and because they have an attitude that supports success. If you want to get more out of life then you must give more with right thoughts, emotions, actions, and words every time you give a gift or perform a service for someone else. In addition, the Law is extended by the Law of Tenfold Return. Whatever you give is returned in ways that are ten times the value of your gift.


The Law of Attraction extends the Law of Vibration in that we create or attract the things, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies, and these energies attract like energies. Our task is to monitor and to see that our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are positive.

This is the Law that serves to frustrate many souls for it mirrors to them that what is hidden within. The Law of Attraction demonstrates the power of the mind, heart and will to project what us within, and the universe’s ability to respond to this energy.

It is essential that all persons watch carefully their thoughts, words, emotions and actions to assure that hidden, negative images, surrounded with emotions, are not stored within. This is emphasized because this is key to understanding the Law of Attraction.

Once individuals master control over their thoughts and emotions, they will be able to control the events and situations that happen in their lives.


The Law of Perpetual transmutation of Energy gives meaning to the concept of Free WILL. We have the power to choose the directions of our lives.

Just as energy is changed in the material world, it also is being changed continually in our lives. The manifestation of our energy is found in our thoughts, our believe systems, our speech, and our actions. Every thought that we have produces two actions. The first action constitutes a vibratory energy, like sending out a wave from ourselves. The distance the wave travels and the intensity of the wave depends on our ability to focus and maintain our thoughts.

Simply put, since Higher vibrations consume and transform lower vibrations, each person can become an Alchemist of the heart if he or she chooses to do so.

So how then, does this Law work? it works with the WILL. It works when one chooses to transform the darkness into Light. This Law is also a one-directional Law; therefore, it is the key to one’s harmony, peace and Love.


The Law of Relativity begins with our understanding that each of us is provided with “problems” (tests of initiation). These tests are designed to asses where we are in our spiritual paths and what experiences we need to learn. We choose our response to these tests, and the response can advance or retard our spiritual progress.

Everything in life is relative. There are no judgements regarding good or bad, better or worse. The reason one believes that things are better or worse is because the mind makes comparisons with people, things and events that are not relevant, and applies these comparisons to the present situation.

Learning to analyze each moment of time, staying connected with the heart, is the key to freedom. The Law essentially reveals that in every moment of one’s existence, the soul is provided with choices. The ultimate goal is to choose that which is beneficial and good for our advancement, thus creating a Higher frequency within.


The Law of Polarity states that everything is dual, that there are two poles or opposites to everything found in the physical, mental, or spiritual plane. The Law of Polarity considers and object or condition in itself as unrelated to other objects or conditions. Thus Love cannot be related to Winter on a continuum because these conditions are on different planes of existence.

Two poles are degrees of the same thing, that means we have the power to move from one extreme the the other. We might dislike some individuals strongly and then, when we come to know these persons, feel compassion and Love for them. Using this Law is part of the discipline we need to change our lives.

If opposites are really the same, then it is reasonable to conclude that Love and hate are but two extremes of the same emotion residing in the same continuum.The power of the mind, which controls the emotions, is the key to understanding that ALL THINGS CAN BE CHANGED. The first step in change is CHOOSING TO DO SO.


The Laws of Vibration and Polarity are expanded when we add the the Law of Rhythm. While everything vibrates and moves, and has two poles or opposites, everything vibrates at or responds to a certain rhythm. This rhythm establishes seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns – all of these reflect the regularity of God’s universe.

The Law of Rhythm basically states that everything moves in a cyclical fashion. The sun rises and the sun sets. These rhythms constitute an order of renewal in the universe that can be either disruptive or pleasant, depending on how one wishes to perceive these rhythms.

For every high there shall be a low. These is the Law of Rhythm. This is the only Law the individual cannot learn to control. The only way in which one can command mastery over it is through mastering one’s emotional and mental states at all times. Doing so allows one to rise above this Law.


The Laws of Gender does not refer to the physical differences between men and women. The term is used in a much larger context to refer to creation or production.

The Law of Gender is the expression of Yin and Yang, otherwise termed as feminine and masculine. The Law states that these two principles reside within all things, and it is through this principles that humanity is able to create. When we balance our masculine and feminine energies we move to a state of androgyny that aligns us with the Higher Self.

When the Yin and the Yang are balanced perfectly within the soul, the individual intuitively knows how and when to act appropriately in all situations. Therefore, the Law of Gender is offer to us for contemplation. Learn of this Law, for it is the source of All your power. It will teach you to become co-creators with God.


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