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A brief Introduction to Merkaba traveling.

I am Lord Metatron,

Today I want to bring a message of light about Merkaba traveling. A message about traveling using your consciousness which is your Merkaba.

Traveling through your Merkaba requires a state of consciousness that can only be achieved by a clean diet, a clean mind, and following the path of consciousness which is the path of the Merkaba.

The pieces of information that are accessed through Merkaba traveling, are only to be used to gain the momentum towards your ascension.

Through your Merkaba you are able to access all aspects of your being. Through your Merkaba, you are able to access multidimensional universes. Universes that are only accessed by those with the commitment to a life of service. By those with the curiosity to explore the infinite and the unknown; therefore achieving an etheric body.

An etheric body is an ascended body, It is a body of light that can reach the infinite universe.
By accessing the vast universe through this etheric body, you are accessing a part of God that resides within you.
A part of you that gets activated through the highest levels of consciousness.
The light that can be reach through your Merkaba it is of infinite abundance, it’s of infinite wisdom, and it is of infinite ascension.

I am the etheric body
I am the light of the Merkaba.
I am the eternal tetraheedrons that spin throughout the universe.

I am, Lord Metatron.

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